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We offer Sales, Installation and Service of Satellite Antennas from 18” to 10m.     Downlink and Uplink systems.    FTA, DBS, C Band, Ku and KA Band Custom Mount Manufacturing Dishnetwork,DirecTV and Hughes
We offer Sales, Installation and Service of antennas for homes, business or industial Applications:  FM, AM, HAM, ATSC and Cellular Bands Custom Array Design Amplifiers and Signal Distribution Structured Wiring Custom Mount Manufacturing  
Solar Systems
Wind Energy
BTS offers a complete line of Wind Energy Products ranging from Boat systems to Systems to power an entire business or home.  Systems range from 200w to 20kW.  Support structures can be guyed or freestanding. Call us to help you design a system for your needs. 
BTS offers a total product line of Photovoltaic (Solar) Power Products that will allow you to install a new system or upgrade an old one.


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BTS offers a full range of products for your residential, commercial or Industrial system.