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 BTS offers several Alternative Energy products ranging
from Wind Generators, Photovoltaic Systems and
custom design power and pumping systems.  The varieties
are too much to list as the possibilities are endless.  

Please keep in mind there is not a “One Size Fits All” solution to any alternative energy system or project. There are basic systems to use as building blocks, however, with the variables of Solar and Wind resources available at your project site most systems need to be designed and sized for your requirements and needs.  

 To start the design process, BTS starts by analyzing your current power requirements of your home or business for the last 12 months.  That establishes a baseline average for use to work on.  We then look at ways for the clients to conserve power before adding the Alternative Energy Products.  After making sure the client is working toward energy efficiency, we can then size a more appropriate system for your needs.  Please call to discuss your Alternative Energy needs.


Alternative Energy