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Antennas come in countless forms, quality and size.  Quality of course is in direct proportion to cost.  

For Example:  We have standard Multi Channel Amplifier for a UHF/VHF antenna systems starting (VHF - UHF channels 2 -69) at $40.  For commercial applications, we use Single Channel Amplifiers that start at $419.00 for each channel.

Are the commercial Amplifiers that much better?  YES.  But they need to be used for a specific purpose and if not installed properly within the system design, they can perform like the $40 low end unit.

For residential jobs where cost is a factor several things have to be taken into consideration:

1) What does customer require from system?

2) Customer’s Budget for project?

3) Can Customer get what they desire for their budget and end up with a useable signal?

4)  What is the age of customers existing infrastructure (i.e. tower, mount and wiring)?  Will the existing tower hold the antenna they need?

New towers are designed and installed for the required task and can be installed with future expandability in mind to save the customer money in the future if they decide to expand the system.

Below is a link to the Channels available in the the Lima market to help you program your television tuner.  Scan your television on the “Virtual Channel” to receive the mapping for the “Digital Channel” you are wanting to program.  Most television tuners will automatically add the new channels to memory.  If yours does not, please refer to your owners’ manual to see how to add the found channels to the tuner’s memory.

*Note*  Many variables can alter your antenna’s reception capacity.  If you can not receive all of the channels from a particular market, that doesn’t mean you are experiencing problems with your system.

ATSC Charts