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Why do I loose my Broadcast Network Channels on my DISH or DirecTV Service in bad weather when they are in the same town as me?

The Networks are transmitted to the DISH and DirecTV uplink centers via a fiber optic network.  The signals are then transmitted from their respective locations to the satellite, then the satellite retransmits the Network channels to the customers in the same manner as the regular satellite programming.  The problem comes from the retransmission from the satellite…, since it is not financially feasible to transmit the “Lima” group of channels to the entire United States, the satellite providers transmit these broadcast channels over a smaller transmitter on the satellite called a “Spot Beam”.  Think of the regular satellite transponder as a big spot light you see at  sporting events, spot beams work on the same principle, they are just smaller, in comparison to the regular satellite transponder “sporting event spot light”,  spot beams are like hand held flashlights.

This allows the satellite providers to broadcast several markets to smaller areas of the country allowing them to broadcast only to the target audience in the areas they desire.

Because of the use of spot beams, the signal is weaker then the regular programming, which allows the programming from the networks to cut out quicker than the regular satellite programming.

The easiest way to minimize this problem is to make sure your dish is properly align without any foliage in the way of the signal or to install an antenna system to receive the networks from your market directly to your home without using the satellite company.