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BTS provides several services for our Residential, Commercial and Industrial customer base.  BTS specializes in Signal Reception and Transmission technologies.

Current services offered by BTS:

    Beerline TV and Satellite Employee accreditations:

    Gary Beerline:  OSHA 10 Hr Training, TWIC Certification and Certified Man Lift                           Operator


    Mike Beerline:  OSHA 10 Hr Training, TWIC Certification Certified Man Lift                           Operator, Class A CDL

   TWIC is a Certification process through the Department of Homeland Security that    allows Certification Holders to work in Transportation Bases Locations and Restricted    access areas.


   BTS has a complete Safety Program in place for worker safety and is DISA


   BTS has a complete atmospheric monitoring system for employees working in Class    1, Division 1 and 2 areas that allow for constant monitoring of working atmosphere    for the following Gases: