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BTS can  show estimated  results for a specific Wind Turbine Installation with modeling software for pre installation/purchase Site assessments.  This software allows the consumer to see unbiased data that will allow the property owner to determine if the wind resource available is enough for the investment of a wind turbine.

 BTS carries both Vertical and Horizontal Wind Turbine Systems ranging in sizes of 400 watt to 25kW.  Covering Residential, Commercial and Industrial Markets.  Below is a brief description of each type.   

All wind turbines are broken down into two categories: Horizontal and Vertical.  Both categories have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Either type can be incorporated into your energy system with grid-tied or off-grid system formats.  

Horizontal Turbines:

The horizontal turbine category contain the conventional machines that are commonplace in the market today.  They normally have 2 to 3 blades for the U.S. Market and use higher blade velocities to spin the generator to make power.  The “Nacelle” or “Head” of the generator rotates to allow the blades to orient themselves into the wind direction.  Most Horizontal turbines need to be installed on tall structures so the blades can be exposed to a “Non Turbulent” wind resource.

A good rule to follow is the lowest arc of the turbine blade needs to be 20’ above any obstacle within 200’ of the turbine.  This is a general rule and can be varied depending on foliage density and property owners preference.

Horizontal Turbines do make more noise compared to vertical turbines.  If your property is under 1 acre in size we recommend a vertical turbine be installed as they are virtually totally silent.

Horizontal Turbines are a less complex machine than the Vertical Turbines, so they cost less per watt.  

Disadvantages for a Horizontal Turbine would be the need for less turbulent  air requiring a more “Open” installation site and the blade noise that can come from the unit in high wind conditions can be equivalent to a small window air conditioner during blade acceleration.  With a proper installation  site, any annoyance of blade noise can be eliminated.

Vertical turbines:

The Vertical turbines contain a large array of design variations.  The turbines are a bit more complex than the Horizontal type do to the physical forces that need to be minimized for the turbine to spin freely.  

Advantages of the Vertical Turbines are:

The Airfoil will only turn in one direction efficiently, so the vertical turbines can be installed in a environment that would be problematic for a Horizontal Turbine.

Vertical Turbine are smaller output than a equal priced Horizontal Turbine, but the Vertical Turbine will outperform a poorly placed Horizontal Turbine due to it’s ability to handle a more turbulent environment.  

Vertical Turbine cost more per watt than Horizontal, but offer the benefit of virtually noise free operation.  This allows the Vertical Turbine to be more friendly in close proximity installs.

Wind Turbine systems can be customized for your needs, contact us for more information.

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